Does Cuehanzi teach traditional or simplified characters?

At Cuehanzi, we only teach simplified characters.
Because our method is directly based on the shape of the characters, supporting two distinct (even if partially overlapping) sets is somewhat challenging and not really practical.

Is Cuehanzi for me?

Cuehanzi is designed to help beginners, people who are thinking about learning Mandarin or just making first steps along this road.
If you already have months of learning under your belt and you're way past HSK1, then Cuehanzi may not be the right choice for you at this moment.
We're planning to extend Cuehanzi with content for higher levels in the future, so make sure to check back in some time!

Does Cuehanzi work on mobile devices?

At the moment Cuehanzi is optimized to run on a desktop. Supported browsers include (latest versions):
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
We're planning to create native apps for Android and iOS some time in the future, but until then it's better to use Cuehanzi on a desktop.